Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Been a While...

Sorry for the long hiatus in the blogging world, recent school and social matters have left me with little time for anything, let alone my usual cathartic spouting off at the mouth.

This will all change in the near future as school is done and my most pressing social engagement have been taken care of. Similarly, I went to the trouble of equipping myself with a newfangled tablet machine... Nowadays you too can be just as cool as the unnamed Ensign in Star Trek. On a related note, why do we get all the lousy technology out of Star Trek, but none of the cool stuff? Seriously, I have a tiny digital tablet and all manner of cool hands free earpieces, phones more akin to tricorders than not, but no effective energy weapons and our space agency is now (by the president's admission) dedicated to making a bunch of Medieval peasants feel better about their meager contributions to science.

James T Kirk would be BULLSHIT!

RFW out.