Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As much as I did not believe it, as much as I could not believe it, Scott Brown drove his truck right through the Demoncrat party machine and knocked Barry O's healthcare plan off the rails. There's not much that I can say that hasn't been said before, all I will say is thanks to those who we pestered to get out to vote who fired another "shot heard 'round the world".

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meet Me at Dawn

It's a close race in MA and we are about to try to save America... Do you want to support the Big O and his socialist and nationalist (NAZI) policies, or will we elect a free man like Mr. Brown. All I know is that we should remember our forefathers, and our forebears, just as they showed the British where to go on 5/1775 so should we send them the same message: go to hell stateists!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coakley's Commercial

Well, well, well, Miss Coakley, I am glad you finally decided to run a real commercial, as if you were running for something other than a hereditary 'Crat seat in congress. Forgive my presumption, I am a mere pleb, not worthy of even casting my eyes upon you. Your latest commercial runs against such government officials as President Bush (liberating 50 million people, whatever), Vice President Cheney (30 years of service, what a tool) and Mr. Rush Hudson Limbaugh (um, how is this man a government official????).

Well over 15 million people a month listen to Mr. Limbaugh, but you decided to run a political campaign against this PRIVATE CITIZEN. Why is that Miss Coakley? What does this private citizen say or do that offends you? He has, up to this point, not made any comment on his top rated radio show.

Your commercial, ma'am, seem to imply that Mr. Limbaugh is some sort of Nazi (don't deny it, Rush waving in a peculiar way coupled with the announcer saying "lockstep" leaves nothing to the imagination). Is Mr. Limbaugh a Nazi ma'am, is Mr. Brown???

Obama has NATIONALIZED the auto industry, he has NATIONIZED the home mortgage industry, he has NATIONIZED the student loan industry.........

Let us recall what NAZI means: not necessarily killing jews, or anyone else... the very word, in German means National Socialist Workers Party of Germany......

Ma'am you show Mr. Rush in a way that defames him, making him look like those national socialists that you, ma'am support.

Those of us with a grasp of history mock your hamhanded attempts to manipulate this election. Others are frankly offended by the way you portray the efforts of our veterans and all of those to fight for human freedom as nothing more than NAZI.

Ma'am we were paying attention. If you think you gain by calling Conservatives, those why favor smaller government, NAZIS, you are sorely mistaken. Those of us in favor of small government will continue to fight your nationization and socialization of the United States.

Mass Jewish Suicide

Well apparently the Boston Globe reports that a gentleman who had the temerity to ask a question of the annoited new Senator from Massachusetts "Took a Stumble". I am still wondering about that "Mass Jew Suicide" that took place in Europe between 1940 and 1945....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

For all our brothers and sisters in the Occupied Zone

John has a long mustache.

Is Happiness Really a Warm Gun?

The list of U.S. states by "happiness index" has been published in the journal Science based on polling which took place between 2005 and 2008. Shocking, the People's Republic of Massachusetts is low on the list, at #43. Maine comes in at #10, which may explain why I am four times happier when I cross the Piscataquis River... Or maybe it's Bob's Clam Shack (in close proximity to the Kittery Trading post: guns + fishing + boats + CLAMS! = Happy Paine). New Hampshire rates at #27, Vermont at #18. Louisiana, Florida, Hawaii, Tennessee, and Arizona fill the top 5.

Oddly enough, there is a strong coorelation between individual freedom and happiness. States with low taxes and costs of living rate higher than their more taxed and expensive brethren. Because this is RFW I would like to point out that the least happy states are those with the most restrictive gun laws. New York (51), Connecticut (50), New Jersey (49), California (46) and Illinois (45) all rate very low in gun freedoms, and very low in happiness.

States with high taxes, restrictive gun laws, and CRAPPY climates (my back hurts from all the global warming... where's Algore when you need him?) rate low in happiness. Even California can't overcome their foolish Hoplophobia (google it). Perhaps if our solons on Beacon Hill aren't too busy stealing the kitchen stove and coming back for the smoke they could look into rolling back some of our restrictive firearms laws. At the very least, perhaps they could end the sales tax on booze (we already pay excise tax, then they tax the tax).

Of course Massachusetts residents would never rebell over silly things like a repressive force confiscating their (assault) weapons, or taxing their booze. That's never happened before, ever... Just check the public school textbooks (if you can get through the hundreds of pages on the noble "Native Americans" we horrible European Capitalist Running Dog Lackey Imperialists brutally slaughtered).

The Right Brothers

Since their songs have been bouncing around the inside of my skull for days now, I decided to share. These guys: put forward some riotous rightwing rocking, which is quite catchy. My personal favorites include "Bush was Right" and "The List". Since these days the right has been relegated to the far fringes of everywhere (with the notable exceptions of the usual hideouts: talk radio, gun clubs, and smoke-filled rooms everywhere) it is nice to feel supported somewhere. Good music to motivate and remind you to show up at your respective polling place on the 19th (for all those behind the lines).