Monday, February 28, 2011

Safety and Security

Where does our safety and security lie?

The answer that the sheep give is in authority, those who are paid and empowered by modern law to act on the behalf of others. The police, the firefighters, the EMTS.

Not all that long ago, police didnt exist, firefighters were men with buckets, and an EMT was a dude with a blanket, a doctor if you were lucky.

Ben Franklin instituted one of the first Fire Companies, men who volunteered to have a bucket handy to fight a potential fire. TR organized the early New York City Police, the very first real police force in the US. Are we any safer from fire or criminal assault because of this?

Fire is an ever present threat, and criminal activity is nothing new to humanity either. Have you been to Manhattan lately? It is a veritable police state, several cops on every block. While certainly those gentlemen do a great job protecting their city, why have we descended to such levels of debauchery that we need to hire mercenaries to handle our day-to-day security?

Machiavelli tells us of the danger of relying on another's arms. What is the police force but a mercenary force, instructed to keep the populace in line?

True, they stop some crimes and are able to respond to others, but they are too few and too late if you are in a real bad situation.

In colonial times, there was no police to call, no EMTs to summon, men did what they had to. Evil was stopped with force; the force of armed men acting with the implied consent of society. These men held no position or had no power, they merely stopped evil when they saw it by their own volition. It was less a matter of law than that of conscience.

Today one is not allowed to stop evil unless it threatens you personally (or in some states your property). This eliminates the good samaratin, since he is not allowed to intervene. Imagine if the same held true for auto accidents. People would never stop at the scene of an auto accident for fear of being prosecuted for acting (in many cases this is still true).

Law and morality have diverged. Men cannot act to protect the innocent until they are threatened personally. This does nothing but encourage the evil, keep good men from acting, and secure pay for the unions that own the police. The law must change. Today instead of stopping fights, people pull out cameras and phones to record it for shortterm internet immortality.

Far from denying men a right to act, we must make it a moral and legal duty for men to act to defend the innocent when they can. If we remove the barriers, both legal and civil from stopping evil men from acting will we be safer? I am unsure, but all I know is that there will be fewer evil men.


--"All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" -- Edmund Burke

Early on Egypt

Dear Mr. Pinko

After witnessing several weeks of revolution in the Muslim nations of North Africa and the Middle East I have become, very simply, surprised.
I am not surprised at the willingness of these decent hardworking and educated people to cast off the tyrannical weight of corrupt princes and ancient generals, but rather your reaction to it. While it is in form with your usual tendencies to despise American Allies as you hate America itself, it is unusual for you to offer your empty and always verbal support to citizens of nations insisting on self governance. You seem to fantasize that these people are discarding man’s immortal enemy in favor of your strange point of view, but I suspect you will find surprise in their enforcement of not only the dissolution of government, but it’s replacement with one that is just, yes, but also Moral and Faithful. Morality and Faith being essential to the establishment of liberty, and liberty being your ever unspoken enemy.
Now don’t get me wrong. The place I come from leaves me still jaded on the likelihood of human beings to enslave themselves for little more than a pat on the back and a compliment as I have witnessed them perform that stunt in the best of circumstances. However I think even that would fail to assist you.
These sincere revolutions will end in one of two ways: either they will establish legitimate and responsive Republics and Democracies, or it will degrade into theocratic rule. I have before and will speak again to how legitimate self governance eliminates the need and want for the autoelitism and pushy bureaucracy, the tenents of Western suicide, but in this case the lack of self governance will lead to the systematic elimination of all your fantasized allies in the affected region.
The real opposition of free people in these states is not America’s Alliances, charity, or friendship but rather the establishment of heavy handed theocratic tyrannies in place of the previous corrupt and self serving governments. To make it more clear, these people don’t have the luxury of having your ilk appoint itself enlightened god-king of their destinies. Nor do they share the unfortunate but necessary knowledge of 1600 years of church based torture of freewill and the centuries worth of English common history in how to defend against it. It is up to us to communicate these important lessons to them.
If they fail and fall to their own religions worst tendencies and we see the establishment of the Sharia rule in more nations, you will find only new enemies, and I, the new enemies of my enemies. For while rare, ethics and morality often speak closer to the internal, unanswerable part of the human condition, and thus, would tend to reject you and yours’ hollow offering of a world without responsibility or care, and liberal access to the manifold forms of self degradation that you offer.
It is my sincere hope that those quite just revolutionaries in these far away places have paid due attention to the lessons our history offers, and they continue to insist on being Free. Either way, your kind remains on the outside, always digging to get in, never getting what you look for, or even espouse.

Hoping we can both do better,
Early Standish

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How About REAl "Hope" and "Change"

It has been a dark hour for a while now, the progressive left has been on the march and in many ways they have convinced the population, including your esteemed resistance columnist RFW ACTUAL to despair. As the changing of seasons comes, the proglibs are on the run (not to be confused with the troglodyte conservatives, like yours truly: a trogcon).

In response to their supposed victory, I now offer a curriculum and a mission for those of use who are in the fight.

Although I have gone back to school to earn a socially accepted piece of paper, I am shocked at how dumb it has made me by taking my time from my own personal reading, learning, and enrichment. This comes as a surprise to me, since I grew up believing that only attaining higher degrees was the way to prosper.

Now that the sunset of my academic masturbation is at hand (for now) I have taken it upon myself to create a new curriculum for those of us who still haven't lost all hope (more than likely those who haven't been paying enough attention). Based largely off Col. Jeff Cooper's Commentaries on what every young man should have learned how to do, this is a refresher for those of us too old to be young, and too dumb to be old.

Computer Skills- get them above the norm. Like it or not, we live in a world where the interwebs are king, if we fail to learn and understand that, we may fail totally. Knowledge is power.

Know yer damn Literature - read the great books and the philosophers... I won't start naming names, but you know the books. And not the crap they made you read in High School, read things with an open mind and not anyone cramming anything down your throats.... Read it yourself, you decide.

Know YOUR FUCKIN HISTORY - This is an unforgivable sin. History is the story of us. I have a list of recommended books that I will post, they go from general to very in-depth. The point is to learn history, as Churchill said "study history, study history, study history, for in history are all the secrets of statecraft"

Light Airplane - I'm not saying we all must be F-15 drivers, but at least some guys should be able to handle a light plane. Being licensed to operate an airplane is a very important skill, very useful if one has to bail in a hurry. Even better (and cheaper), download a flight simulator, learn a few of the basics, and take a ground school course at a local airport. Probably less than $500 total, and you probably could fly the plane if you happened to be stuck on Flight 93..... Just saying.

Manage a Car- better than the 'drivers ed' idiot teach you. Race it, run it hard, see what happens when it gets shot, learn how the damn thing works. Better yet, get training.

Motorcycle - Learn to ride one, then learn it as well as you just learned how to run your car

Boats - Figure em out. They are surprisingly uncomplicated. Learn the rules of the road and what the buoys mean, know how to run both sail and power boats. Realize the ocean is a bitch and that rivers and lakes might not be much better (Gordon Lightfoot commented on the latter)

Animals - Us on the right coast do not often run across the chance to ride horses or manage pack animals (unless you have a John Kerry style trust fund). Way better to learn it now than when the proverbial bleep hits the proverbial ventilation

Guns - You knew it was coming. I assume you can shoot, but can you shoot in the dark, under stress, with a gun you picked up off the battlefield, while injured, and its cold rainy and nasty? Didn't think so. Train hard here, we may need it.

Unarmed Combat - See above. I've never seen it rain in a Dojo (even at BU, though it was sometimes cold). Train to a higher level.

THUS ENDS THE FUN!!!!!!! Now we gotta go to work:

Civics- Learn your government. Know the branches of Federal government. Commit the gist of the Bill of rights to memory. Read the Constitution. Read the Federalist Papers, de Toqueville, and as many biographies of the founders as you can. I personally enjoyed reading Ben Franklin's bio "The First American", Franklin was always seeking to improve himself, just as this list does. Bottom line: learn your civics, otherwise we give our ideological enemies the upper hand.

Foreign Languages: Yup, I don't like them damn dirty foreigners either. They don't bathe, don't talk right, and eat stincky shit. Tough. Pick up a foreign language, any language. Make yourself more useful to your friends in event of a crisis, or at least keep the burrito guy from spitting in your food. Most languages are well taught by online resources (see #1) and tapes. It's a discipline issue, just like weight lifting: no one bulks up overnight, nor are languages learnt overnight. I once got a tour of the US Foreign Service Academy and the very senior Foreign Service Officer commented to me: "there's a lot of pain here... people learning new languages". Like many things on this list, it sucks. As Dick Marcinko would say, "you don't have to like it, you just have to DO IT".

Geography - Learn where shit is. It's amazing to me how many folks, when confronted with a blank map of the world can't fill in anything. Even more shameful is when they see a map of the US. Walmart sells cheap US driving maps for around $5. Get one and look at it when watching the game. Learn the major cities, states, and roads. When that's boring start looking at world maps. Go to google earth, learn what other country's streets look like. If nothing else, you can make one hell of a tourguide. Btw AAA offers free maps of damn near everything, why not get a few now?

Zoology and Botany - Have an interest in the native species of your area. Learn a few by name, know a few birds, ground critters, etc. Also learn the plants of the area, especially those that are edible. If you haven't figured out which ones are poisonous by now, start taking hikes in the summer, you will soon. Not only will you impress the granola set, you'll be ready to survive if you get caught out in the boonies.

Navigation - GPS RULZ!!!! Until the GPS satellite constellation gets shot down, nuked, or hit by solar flares. You DO have local street maps right? Do you know how to use them? Ever seen a compass? Know how to mark a bearing, count steps, and navigate? Which is the north star? What does that mean? Can a watch be a compass? All this is important and useful, learn it now while its easy!

Economies of business and agriculture - Learn how both work, and more importantly, find a way to make yourself useful in either.

Medical Response - In the age of 911, too many of us have neglected our skill in saving lives. At the very least, take a Red Cross First Aid / CPR course (even better, take it with the wife or girlfriend... the ass you save might be your own!) EMT, First Responder, of Wilderness courses are all useful too. Some classes are even given for Range Officers (if you spend as much time on the range as you should to keep up your skills this is probably useful...). Have a kit, not bandaids and boo-boo bandages, but the shit that stops real bleeding: large bandages, CPR masks, and gloves (lots of bugs out there guys, always wear a rubber... glove)

Communication - You are now good to go on computers, but what about the old school radio stuff? Know anything about shortwave radio? Have a scanner? An Amateur Radio license? Go through the steps and at least get the Technician Ham license, it's easy, takes only a few hours of study and 45 minutes of testing. Then get a rig. 2 Meter, 6 Meter, and 10 Meter are best for our use. Get the licenses, practice on the air, participate in "Field Day" exercises to keep your emergency skills current. The main net may not be available when things go bad, learn your options now.

PT - Yup, the dreaded physical training. LIft weights, run, bike, do whatever you have to. Failure ain't an option when its your ass and that of your family on the line. Fail for bad luck, bad timing, or bad situation, but never fail for being weak or undertrained. You don't have to like it, just fuckin do it.

Trades - We all have our vocations, but how many of us have a backup gig, should that fail? If the grid goes down, what's your backup trade. Don't say "security" because every idiot with a glock and a Soldier of Fortune education will try that. We should all have productive trades, just in case things go bad.

I do not mean to preach, as those of you who know RFW ACTUAL know, I am not fully proficient in all of these disciplines. On my wall is a whiteboard with all of these things listed, and I will tick them off one at a time. I would humbly recommend that all of us do this, not to point out our failures, but to recognize how much more well rounded we have all become.

Mr. Glenn Beck speaks of enlightenment, and of educating people. This is all well and good, but the American education system has become so corrupt and dysfunctional that people no longer possess even a baseline of education to reach enlightenment from. We can all moan and wail about this failure of our educators, maybe even implore the Obamamessiah himself for help... or we can be Americans, educate ourselves, lift up ourselves, and save ourselves. I had originally meant this post to be about survivalism, to save ourselves after the crap hit the fan, but now I realize it is more important now than ever.

I welcome the comments and criticism, but I challenge everyone who reads this to put an abbreviated version of this list on their blackboard, cross off what you accomplish, and move us forward.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome to the Fight

Most of us here at RFW have had the dubious distinction of visiting some of the more august areas of the country. Not content to see the largely prosperous Northeast, some of us have spent time in such lovely places as Detroit and East St. Louis. (link to visions of Detroit: Imagine what would happen if the liberal leaders of such places ruled all of the US!

Wait, how would their urban, largely useless, tech-worker class deal with having nature reclaim their land?

None of these "guys" have ever turned a wrench, flipped a manhole cover, dug a trench, paved a road, cleared a path, built a house, knocked down rubble, cleaned a sewer, set a trap, kilt a bar, cleaned a shitter, built a shelter, dug a hole, pulled a vehicle from a snowbank, bandaged a wound, stopped a fire, drawn down on a badguy, or even written a computer code.

So what exactly are the new castrati class expected to do for work?

Clearly they must labor for the state, but to do what exactly? They can't build, protect, defend, or maintain. The don't create, design, or inspire. What do they do? Create work.

They create work, they demand that we support and defend them in their efforts. We must provide tax dollars to make more work.

I give up. I don't want to support this anymore.

A link from a friend

Yup, and that's why Deval go to hell.

Thanks to Bill-dawg

Freedom, for now

As many of you know, RFW Actual has decamped to free a Commonwealth, the land of Washington, Jefferson, and Lee. Many of readers and commentators remain behind enemy lines: they're the real heroes.

Recently performing the required applications for such things as the right to use public ways (driving), operate a piece of my property (drive my car) and of course exercise my God-given rights to self defense (keep and bear arms). Shockingly, such things are either cheaper here in the enlightened south (driving for instance) and the mere ownership of property is not taxed (what excise tax?).

Even more shocking was the process to buy and carry a firearm. Far from being a public scourge like in the People's Commonwealth, here such things are not only accepted, but expected. A concealed carry license (not a "permit") is cheaper than a deer license. It requires only filling out 6 items of a checklist, and a set of fingerprints. While admittedly no one ever asked Gen. Washington for his prints, I am willing to make a small concession in a "shall issue" state, such as the sovereign colony of Virginia.

Such is the state of things here in free America. While they make make a move on our freedom to carry and own weapons soon, let us make every effort to stamp them down and preserve this last, best hope for freedom.

Dear Mr. Pinko - Early Standish; Posting from the Resistance

Dear Mr. Pinko

In a belated attempt to preserve my floundering republic I feel I must address some statements you have regarding it’s Awesome Destiny in History, and it’s Beknown Guidance by Almighty God. As such my first address to you will be at and against the precepts of the atheist, and your repeated claims of a world by accident.
I generally prefer to make arguments by fact but the beginning of this is nearly supernatural. A series of tiny colonies through justice (a rare actual occurrence of justice) spend decades trying to find peace with an authoritarian Empire, find none, and thereafter stick to their guns (oh, we’ll get to those), challenge it, and by some odyssey come to defeat it and establish a Nation.
Now this on it’s own I would tend to find improbable, which is one thing, but when combined with certain facts it becomes implausible:

That the Empire with which they attempted to find peace was the most powerful until then on the face and in the history of the Earth.

That they were so ragtag and dismembered they received no acknowledgement from it or any other until they defeated it.

That their ultimate leaders consisted only of farmers, lawyers, and a frankly uninteresting Colonel.

That all of Human History itself conspired, until that sacred point, to destroy all republicans and lovers of liberty in favor of the usual Tyrant.

In a farther miracle, that Nation would go on to not only confirm itself in the eyes of an old world ruled by tyrants, but to delegitimize all Kingdoms and Tyrannies across the globe, and encourage their replacement with Republics and Democracies, of whom you have heretofore treated as friends.

This is something I can observe, and in it observe a Great Change in History. I, myself, find it Monolithic, really to say the least, that something so unlikely could have happened, and in happening turned the world upside down, flipped the Tyrants, and then moved on to defeat the most powerful and merciless destructive forces of man’s worst endeavors, all through some cosmic accident.
Whatever we are today, we came from something powerful. Something big. Something who’s destruction I refuse to accept as a mere whimper.
No we may come crashing down soon, but let it not be from weakness, or a lack of will, but let us be struck dead by some enemy who is as strong to us as we were to those who met us early in opposition. I will not easily fade away, nor grow tired and quit. I have no such hopeless luxury. And if I did I would reject it.
For the strange events that bring me to this letter, for the Great Guide behind them, and for my own senses, I must make a murderer of you if you are to defeat me. Because my destiny is what I make of it, and that what He made of those that provided me with it. I simply cannot betray it, I cannot go quietly.

Looking forward to more correspondence,
Early Standish, Posting from the Resistance