Monday, February 28, 2011

Early on Egypt

Dear Mr. Pinko

After witnessing several weeks of revolution in the Muslim nations of North Africa and the Middle East I have become, very simply, surprised.
I am not surprised at the willingness of these decent hardworking and educated people to cast off the tyrannical weight of corrupt princes and ancient generals, but rather your reaction to it. While it is in form with your usual tendencies to despise American Allies as you hate America itself, it is unusual for you to offer your empty and always verbal support to citizens of nations insisting on self governance. You seem to fantasize that these people are discarding man’s immortal enemy in favor of your strange point of view, but I suspect you will find surprise in their enforcement of not only the dissolution of government, but it’s replacement with one that is just, yes, but also Moral and Faithful. Morality and Faith being essential to the establishment of liberty, and liberty being your ever unspoken enemy.
Now don’t get me wrong. The place I come from leaves me still jaded on the likelihood of human beings to enslave themselves for little more than a pat on the back and a compliment as I have witnessed them perform that stunt in the best of circumstances. However I think even that would fail to assist you.
These sincere revolutions will end in one of two ways: either they will establish legitimate and responsive Republics and Democracies, or it will degrade into theocratic rule. I have before and will speak again to how legitimate self governance eliminates the need and want for the autoelitism and pushy bureaucracy, the tenents of Western suicide, but in this case the lack of self governance will lead to the systematic elimination of all your fantasized allies in the affected region.
The real opposition of free people in these states is not America’s Alliances, charity, or friendship but rather the establishment of heavy handed theocratic tyrannies in place of the previous corrupt and self serving governments. To make it more clear, these people don’t have the luxury of having your ilk appoint itself enlightened god-king of their destinies. Nor do they share the unfortunate but necessary knowledge of 1600 years of church based torture of freewill and the centuries worth of English common history in how to defend against it. It is up to us to communicate these important lessons to them.
If they fail and fall to their own religions worst tendencies and we see the establishment of the Sharia rule in more nations, you will find only new enemies, and I, the new enemies of my enemies. For while rare, ethics and morality often speak closer to the internal, unanswerable part of the human condition, and thus, would tend to reject you and yours’ hollow offering of a world without responsibility or care, and liberal access to the manifold forms of self degradation that you offer.
It is my sincere hope that those quite just revolutionaries in these far away places have paid due attention to the lessons our history offers, and they continue to insist on being Free. Either way, your kind remains on the outside, always digging to get in, never getting what you look for, or even espouse.

Hoping we can both do better,
Early Standish

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