Monday, November 16, 2009

A Reading List

I can recommend the following those who would like something of an education beyond what they might have been taught in school systems more inclined to indoctrination that the pursuit of truth, at least in terms of public affairs:

1) The Constitution and Declaration of Independence: To incline us to remember our founding principals.

2) The Federalist Papers: To help us remember that even those principals we hold most dear were a subject of debate.

3) The Prince - Niccolo Machiavelli: To remind us of how the foreign world works, and will treat us.

4) Shelby Foote's Civil War series, all 3 volumes: To recall the horror of a time we can hope to never revisit.

5) History of the English Speaking Peoples - Winston Churchill: To ground us in our cultural heritage.

6) The Lucifer Principle - Howard Bloom: a shocking reminder of just how human we are

7) The Peloponnesian War - Thyucidides: More reminders of just how men will act

8) Why We Fight - Bill Bennett: Moral clarity on why we ought to fight

9) The Case for Democracy - Natan Sharansky: even more moral clarity.

10 FM 21-76 Survival: USG field manual on surviving bad stuff, never bad to know.

Shot Over the Bow

Listening to Mr. Savage speak of President Obama's "bow" to the grandson of Hirohito, the Emperor of Japan bring back some memories.

Not just of the famous Obama bow to the Saudi king...

Bowing has since ancient times been a sign of fealty, or submission. For example, the term "kowtow" refers to a type of crawling on the dirt that was once required before any foreign ambassador approached the Chinese Emperor. British ambassadors would refuse to "kowtow" to the Chinese sovereign since that would place their own king in a lower stature. Americans have earned a right never to bow to any man, as the British learned to their detriment.

Why would the President of the United States, without question the most powerful man on earth, bow to anyone? That is a question open to debate.

Morning in Wakefield

Welcome to a new day, a new forum for the fervent exercise of the First Amendment. We have no objective but the promotion of the republican values of faith, family, and most especially, freedom. In a world that seems gone insane we hope to be a calming voice in the storm, harkening back to the principals and ideals of our forefathers... More to come