Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A further comment from 1776: John Adams is shocked at Mr. Jefferson deciding to take his wife in the middle of the day and Wor. Br. Franklin comments: "Not everyone is from Boston, John".

Carpet Bagging News

As of today (officially) RFW will be relocating to another Commonwealth. The commonwealth of Virginia!


Watch the enclosed clip to hear my feelings regarding the relocation of the RFW cult to the Sovereign Colony of Virginia!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Just a thought

Off Dr. Codevilla's comments:

We beat the Nazis and Communists on the battlefield, but they won on more important battlefields, the ballot box and the campus quad. I must ask, against this, can we survive?

ComBloc Guns

Just tried out a new Polish ComBloc gun that ran the blockade into the commonwealth. I wondered why the double action pull and the single action pull seemed to let off in different places. At first I considered that its because Euros don't know $*%$&^%$ about handguns, unlike us here in the (formerly) Free States. Then it hit me.... Its much easier to shoot a man in the head when it really is a "surprise break" in the trigger... Maybe I need a makarov to test this theory.

By the way, don't anyone trust your right to direct appeal to BHO (its coming).