Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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Apparently one of our fellows in Occupied Massachusettstan had the temerity to make some comment to the effect of "One down, 534 to go". He was shortly thereafter visited by the Arlington PD who have revoked his license to carry and confiscated his firearms pending a consideration of his "suitability" to own guns.

Was this comment idiotic? Sure. Inflamatory? Probably. Does this individual deserve to have his second amendment rights taken away for exercising his first amendment rights? Absolutely not. Part of freedom of speech is the freedom to not have adverse government action taken against oneself for that speech. Nevermind the fact that the MA licensing of firearms ownership is unconstitutional on its face; due process clearly has no place in this commonwealth.

While his comment might have been over the line, it was certainly not criminal. Go ahead Arlington Police, come and take them. I am TJIC.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Guns

In light of the Arizona "tragedy" I have decided to "change" my "tone". As such, I will alter my position on guns, criminals, and the rules of engagement. Were I there at this 'shooting', I would have had certain arguments to make against the shooter...

What is the difference between a "shooting" and a "gunfight"?
Clearly the difference is the presence of two guns... In one case its just a shooting, with two guns it becomes a gunfight.

Why will I never be at a "shooting", because I'll bring a gun.

Speaking of "tragedies" what about 9/11?
In this case, no one had a gun, or even an effective weapon against those most brutal weapons ever.... boxcutters.

Boxcutters can only cut, they cannot stab, and a cut needs to be much longer than a stab to be effective. 3/4 planes surrendered at the threat of being cut (not killed). Only one plane resisted, and that was as much out of desperation as anything else.

Never be involved in a shooting, as one man said "I might be killed with my own gun, but they'll have to beat me to death with it, since I will be out of ammo"

As related to the 9/11 assholes, if only more folks were willing to fight, there might not have been a hijacking. If our people we correctly skilled it could have ended as a calm september day.


By The Way,

RFW has decamped, we are no longer subject to the laws of the peoples commonwealth of Massachusetts. I have the following message for the DEVALUATOR: GO FUCK YOURSELF.

That is all. Take my lost tax revenue and give it to some illegal alien you asshat.



Ok, I get it, right wingers are automatically responsible for anything bad that ever happens to any 'crat politician.

But SERIOUSLY why is the right wing of the republican party hiding under rocks because a legitimate certified lunatic killed a few people. I run in right wing lunatic circles, but even I know that posing in nothing but a red G string and a glock is typically bad form. This guy was a fan of not only the communist manifesto, but also Mein Kampf.... Nothing says "Sarah Palin lover" like a guy who is a big fan of SOCIALIST tomes.

What is the correct response to this thing that weak minded idiots call a "tragedy" (tragedies are unaviodable acts of god, this is not such). Well these morons seek to "moderate speech" because of course outlets like this are just too hateful for those poor weakminded idiots in the public to understand.

Failing that, let's take their GUNS! This D-bag used an extended magazine, lets extend the klinton era assault weapons ban... maybe while we're at it we'll ban that "thing that goes up"

Fuck em, these asshats, the president included have decided to make the murder of some citizens a political issue. When men murder other men for politics, that's terrorism... Why is it less terrorism when men make terrorism out of an issue that was not political?