Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Terrorist Scumbaggery

So they busted the terrorist who tried to blow up New York's Times Square. Normally I reserve comment of such issues, but this one has particular interest to me, since I was deep in enemy territory at the time and in Times Square (not many blocks away) from where the aforementioned scumbag tried to blow his half-assed carbomb up.

Luckily it did not go off, and I was out of the area shortly thereafter, but it does raise a good question: when you hear that big BOOM what will you do?

If I were with family or friends who needed protection, the answer is short and sweet, find that nearest exit (you WERE looking for those nearest exits right?) get out of Dodge, be a good witness, and help anyone you can.

If you're alone though, should one run towards the blast or away? I would say it depends on your first aid skills (you DID get that training right?) or your physical skills (can you haul a casualty away on your back at a run? if not why not). Overseas, many bombings also included secondary bombs to kill first responders, which might end up hitting you if you run towards the sound of the blast.

Nothing we do here can tell you what to do in this situation, but mentally preparing for something like this might put you ahead of the curve, and let you survive to save yourself and your fellows.

Stay Safe.

Great Water Crisis of 2010 or "ARGH! BOIL EVERYTHING!"

So like many of the folks here in Eastern Massachusettsastan we here in the RFW bunker were faced with the "boil water order" issued from the MWRA. Having spent some time working in the water supply industry I know the extent to which these things can go bad, and that there are some really good folks out there making that tap run.

On the other hand, having spent time working in municipal water supply... I have several 35 gallon barrels of purified water in the basement. When the boil order came down, I was out of town. When I got home I promptly grabbed my brew kettle, probably a 15 gallon pot, and boiled the heck out of it. That kept me and the TAKC (Tactical Assault Kitty Cat) in clean water for a few days. Having grown up drinking out of local ponds and streams (the Saugus River has a particularly odd taste) I was not overly concerned with the chance of some bugs in the water that my insane immune system couldn't kill.

The boil water order did get me thinking though, what would I do differently if the water were REALLY bad. Number one, I should have some bottled water (although I usually hate the stuff, as a big fan of Nalgene bottles and purifiers). Having potable portable water is key for a minor disruption like this. Also, I need smaller water canisters. My 35 gallon barrels just wont make it to the crows nest in the bunker to keep me and the TAKC hydrated. I hear Wally World has 7 gallon canisters cheap... Might need to brave a trip there.

Further, I really need to get on getting a camping water filter. I have boiled water in mock "survival" situations to clean it, but that was always just for practice. Doing it for real let me realize one thing.... its a BITCH. Getting a good camping filter would make a lot of things easier, especially for... camping. Oh and SHTF too.

Bottom line, its just another case of me being more right than I thought I was. As more than one person commented, "I have this friend who has barrels of clean water in his basement. Everyone laughed at him... Until today!"