Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome to the Fight

Most of us here at RFW have had the dubious distinction of visiting some of the more august areas of the country. Not content to see the largely prosperous Northeast, some of us have spent time in such lovely places as Detroit and East St. Louis. (link to visions of Detroit: Imagine what would happen if the liberal leaders of such places ruled all of the US!

Wait, how would their urban, largely useless, tech-worker class deal with having nature reclaim their land?

None of these "guys" have ever turned a wrench, flipped a manhole cover, dug a trench, paved a road, cleared a path, built a house, knocked down rubble, cleaned a sewer, set a trap, kilt a bar, cleaned a shitter, built a shelter, dug a hole, pulled a vehicle from a snowbank, bandaged a wound, stopped a fire, drawn down on a badguy, or even written a computer code.

So what exactly are the new castrati class expected to do for work?

Clearly they must labor for the state, but to do what exactly? They can't build, protect, defend, or maintain. The don't create, design, or inspire. What do they do? Create work.

They create work, they demand that we support and defend them in their efforts. We must provide tax dollars to make more work.

I give up. I don't want to support this anymore.

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