Monday, February 28, 2011

Safety and Security

Where does our safety and security lie?

The answer that the sheep give is in authority, those who are paid and empowered by modern law to act on the behalf of others. The police, the firefighters, the EMTS.

Not all that long ago, police didnt exist, firefighters were men with buckets, and an EMT was a dude with a blanket, a doctor if you were lucky.

Ben Franklin instituted one of the first Fire Companies, men who volunteered to have a bucket handy to fight a potential fire. TR organized the early New York City Police, the very first real police force in the US. Are we any safer from fire or criminal assault because of this?

Fire is an ever present threat, and criminal activity is nothing new to humanity either. Have you been to Manhattan lately? It is a veritable police state, several cops on every block. While certainly those gentlemen do a great job protecting their city, why have we descended to such levels of debauchery that we need to hire mercenaries to handle our day-to-day security?

Machiavelli tells us of the danger of relying on another's arms. What is the police force but a mercenary force, instructed to keep the populace in line?

True, they stop some crimes and are able to respond to others, but they are too few and too late if you are in a real bad situation.

In colonial times, there was no police to call, no EMTs to summon, men did what they had to. Evil was stopped with force; the force of armed men acting with the implied consent of society. These men held no position or had no power, they merely stopped evil when they saw it by their own volition. It was less a matter of law than that of conscience.

Today one is not allowed to stop evil unless it threatens you personally (or in some states your property). This eliminates the good samaratin, since he is not allowed to intervene. Imagine if the same held true for auto accidents. People would never stop at the scene of an auto accident for fear of being prosecuted for acting (in many cases this is still true).

Law and morality have diverged. Men cannot act to protect the innocent until they are threatened personally. This does nothing but encourage the evil, keep good men from acting, and secure pay for the unions that own the police. The law must change. Today instead of stopping fights, people pull out cameras and phones to record it for shortterm internet immortality.

Far from denying men a right to act, we must make it a moral and legal duty for men to act to defend the innocent when they can. If we remove the barriers, both legal and civil from stopping evil men from acting will we be safer? I am unsure, but all I know is that there will be fewer evil men.


--"All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" -- Edmund Burke

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