Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear Mr. Pinko - Early Standish; Posting from the Resistance

Dear Mr. Pinko

In a belated attempt to preserve my floundering republic I feel I must address some statements you have regarding it’s Awesome Destiny in History, and it’s Beknown Guidance by Almighty God. As such my first address to you will be at and against the precepts of the atheist, and your repeated claims of a world by accident.
I generally prefer to make arguments by fact but the beginning of this is nearly supernatural. A series of tiny colonies through justice (a rare actual occurrence of justice) spend decades trying to find peace with an authoritarian Empire, find none, and thereafter stick to their guns (oh, we’ll get to those), challenge it, and by some odyssey come to defeat it and establish a Nation.
Now this on it’s own I would tend to find improbable, which is one thing, but when combined with certain facts it becomes implausible:

That the Empire with which they attempted to find peace was the most powerful until then on the face and in the history of the Earth.

That they were so ragtag and dismembered they received no acknowledgement from it or any other until they defeated it.

That their ultimate leaders consisted only of farmers, lawyers, and a frankly uninteresting Colonel.

That all of Human History itself conspired, until that sacred point, to destroy all republicans and lovers of liberty in favor of the usual Tyrant.

In a farther miracle, that Nation would go on to not only confirm itself in the eyes of an old world ruled by tyrants, but to delegitimize all Kingdoms and Tyrannies across the globe, and encourage their replacement with Republics and Democracies, of whom you have heretofore treated as friends.

This is something I can observe, and in it observe a Great Change in History. I, myself, find it Monolithic, really to say the least, that something so unlikely could have happened, and in happening turned the world upside down, flipped the Tyrants, and then moved on to defeat the most powerful and merciless destructive forces of man’s worst endeavors, all through some cosmic accident.
Whatever we are today, we came from something powerful. Something big. Something who’s destruction I refuse to accept as a mere whimper.
No we may come crashing down soon, but let it not be from weakness, or a lack of will, but let us be struck dead by some enemy who is as strong to us as we were to those who met us early in opposition. I will not easily fade away, nor grow tired and quit. I have no such hopeless luxury. And if I did I would reject it.
For the strange events that bring me to this letter, for the Great Guide behind them, and for my own senses, I must make a murderer of you if you are to defeat me. Because my destiny is what I make of it, and that what He made of those that provided me with it. I simply cannot betray it, I cannot go quietly.

Looking forward to more correspondence,
Early Standish, Posting from the Resistance

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