Thursday, February 3, 2011

Freedom, for now

As many of you know, RFW Actual has decamped to free a Commonwealth, the land of Washington, Jefferson, and Lee. Many of readers and commentators remain behind enemy lines: they're the real heroes.

Recently performing the required applications for such things as the right to use public ways (driving), operate a piece of my property (drive my car) and of course exercise my God-given rights to self defense (keep and bear arms). Shockingly, such things are either cheaper here in the enlightened south (driving for instance) and the mere ownership of property is not taxed (what excise tax?).

Even more shocking was the process to buy and carry a firearm. Far from being a public scourge like in the People's Commonwealth, here such things are not only accepted, but expected. A concealed carry license (not a "permit") is cheaper than a deer license. It requires only filling out 6 items of a checklist, and a set of fingerprints. While admittedly no one ever asked Gen. Washington for his prints, I am willing to make a small concession in a "shall issue" state, such as the sovereign colony of Virginia.

Such is the state of things here in free America. While they make make a move on our freedom to carry and own weapons soon, let us make every effort to stamp them down and preserve this last, best hope for freedom.

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